Trainer –International Yoga Awardee, Yoga Kalaimamani Awardee P. Krishnan Balaji

Shri  Krishnan Balaji , disciple & follower of Sarguru O Bikshu, the Founder of Sree Pathanjali Yoga Kendram. He had released more than 100 + books, CD’s & article on various topics related to yoga & meditation. He  conducted regular yoga programs in Podighai TV  for more than 5 years.  His articles on Mudras & Asanas are currently published in leading magazines like Kumudam Sinakidiyae. Expert in Mudras, Asanas, Chakara Meditation with 28 years of expertise in curing all chronic diseases across PAN India & Malaysia. He is known for his simple mudras & workstation stretching exercises. More than 1,00,000 beneficiaries so far & curing many more.

 Topics to be covered

  • Breathing Techniques
  • Simple work station stretching exercises (specially designed for corporate employees)
  • Mudras & Kriyas
  • Chakara Meditation
  • Pranayama


  • Stress Relief & Positive Thinking through Chakra Meditation
  • Work Life Balancing through effective time & self management
  • Improving Memory Power & Concentration through Mudras
  • Activating Right Side brain by simple breathing techniques
  • Asanas & Postures for correct sitting, standing, eating & healthy living
  • Know inner self & develop your potential for upcoming challenges
  • Cure all chronic disease & reduce extra weight by Pranayama

Employer see:

•    Heightened employee productivity
•    Increased employee morale
•    Reduced turnover
•    Reduced absenteeism
•    A competitive edge in hiring
•    Reduced medical and disability costs

Employees see:
•    Reduced stress from modern-day business challenges
•    Increased energy levels
•    Improved body image
•    Greater happiness and a more positive attitude
•    Increased concentration
•    Improved morale
•    Decreased anxiety and tension
•    Reduced muscle tension and pain associated with sitting at a desk

All employee wellness yoga training programs are discounted for the benefit of both employer and employee.
Choose what best suits your company’s needs from a variety of program offerings.

•    Company-sponsored: company pays 100%
•    Co-pay: company and individual employees split the cost
•    Employee-sponsored: employees pay for their classes

Enjoy flexibility in your Corporate Class Program:
•    We shall teach classes in your office or have your employees come to our training classes.
•    Schedule a yoga class at your next company party, trade show, health fair, or marketing event.
•    Flexible scheduling of class sessions and days and times for on-site classes allows us to best suit your employees’ schedules.
•    We offer flexible class length based on your employees’ schedules.



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