Yoga increases longevity, improves brain power, facial looks, enduring capacity and immunity, and enables one to work harder. It promotes memory, health, and intelligence required to succeed in life. It invigorates the nervous system, the heart and the circularity system, and all organs of the body. It also regulates the blood circulation. It makes the mind Sathwic (supple) and the body beautiful. It gives vitality and peace of mind. It cures many diseases and prevents many more. Finally, it helps to forget worries and lead a happy life.


I provide training in yoga not only help to achieve a better physique, but also to broaden the mind and improve the ability to concentrate. Generally, the steps are as follows: reduction of weight and toning of body structure; starting with loosening and conditioning exercises and Suryanamaskar. Then come the Asanas, the breathing exercises, and eyesight improvement exercises. Finally there is meditation and of course a proper diet regimen.

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